Biden, Biden, Biden

Terence, Rhyane, Jasper and Lenny are joined by Funky Politics Memphis host DC to talk about the melluva hess that President Biden is in with the discovery of classified documents in his personal residence. Is it the politics of distraction? What makes it so different than the 45 situation at Mar-a-Lago? Then there’s the government’s stilted position on deportation, asylum and Title 42 as it relates to Haitian immigrants. Lastly, our financial expert Mark Smith (SVP and Portfolio Manager, Wells Fargo) joins the show to talk about the debt ceiling. They are raising it AGAIN.  What does all of this even mean? Will America eventually go belly up? What are some predictions for preventative measures? He helps the “little people” understand the big bucks of big politics. Another “edutaining” episode. Pull up and tune in!

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