Candace Gray, Founder and CEO of CG Comms Group

Candace A. Gray is the founder and CEO of CG Comms Group, a marketing, communication, strategy and PR business. Determined to balance her career ambition with her family values; she’s a go-getting entrepreneur who is destined to succeed, overcoming the unique challenges of a small business owner. She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate and creative agency world, and is passionate about helping small businesses, nonprofits and lifestyle brands succeed. On this episode you will learn: 1. The Journey to Working in Agency and Client-Side Communications: How did Candace Gray’s journey shape her life and career? 2. The Benefits of Being an Entrepreneur: How has Candace Gray been able to balance her family and career while being an entrepreneur? 3. The Power of Systems and Lists: How does Candace Gray use project management tools and handwritten notes to stay organized?

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