Nonprofit Word Salad

Do you empower and amplify the at-risk communities you serve through participatory action and anti-oppression initiatives by catalyzing community-driven action?  If so, that’s great, but most of us still have no clue what you are saying.  Plenty of nonprofit jargon exists, but does it actually mean anything?  Why do we keep using words and phrases that are confusing, nebulous, or just plain irritating when simple language is actually more effective in delivering your message to multiple audiences?  In this episode, we will be joined by Sammy Moon, Executive Director of Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy, and Juanita White, Director of Partner Services for Momentum Nonprofit Partners, as we explore words and phrases that do more harm than good.  We’ll discuss why using jargon is detrimental to your organization and discuss ways to avoid nonprofit word salad.