Testing, Social-Emotional Learning and the Elon Musk Sh–

It’s test time for many students across the country. They are assessed by standardized metrics to ascertain their level of absorption during the school. However, it always bears the question(s) – How much testing is too much? There are so many other mitigating factors that aren’t factored into these equations. So what do we do? Dr. Archie Moss Jr. joins Terence, Dr. Stewart and Jasper for a very interesting conversation around this. Then he sticks around to join the panel and our special correspondent Rhyane Wagner to talk about the conservatives and their pushback to Social Emotional Learning. Ron DeSantis is at it again! Leading the way on major policy changes colored by flawed logic, fragility and hypocrisy. On another note, the Elon Musk twitter sale happened this past week. It’s presumably predicated on free speech but will it open the door to digital WWIII?  Rhyane hangs out to discuss this in more detail. Check it out! What’s your opinion friends? 

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