We Have Mixed Emotions About All of This!

In the episode Terence and Jasper are joined by Jeanette Lenoir to talk about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the not so warm and fuzzies colonized people across the globe are feeling toward her and the tainted history of the monarchy. They are also joined by Williams Brack, the host of Grindset on KUDZUKIAN, to talk about the pros and cons of the Bank of America zero down mortgage program. Does this put us right back where we started before the housing bubble burst? Lastly, they’re joined by Attorney Keith Perry (Perry & Griffin PC) and host of Funky Politics Memphis, DC to talk about truth in sentencing and how the events in Memphis further opened up this conversation. What does this mean? Will this compound the uneven, hamfisted sentencing of Black men that is already in play?  All of these turns of events have caused mixed emotions among many of us.  What do you think? Listen up and let us know! 



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