The More You Know….

May has many awareness days and weeks within it. But this month happens to have a few that are near and dear to our Funky Politics Fam – Mental Health, Women’s Health and Foster Care. Dr. Stewart and guest Ariane Graves (Director of Core Services for Health Connect America) lead the conversation on mental health, access and stigma in the Black community. (Stay tuned for part 2 – some much ground to cover!) The panel then segues into a very edifying conversation Black women’s health, the very anti-woman movement that is afoot in the hallowed hall of the Capitol and SCOTUS and the healthcare disparities in treatment, diagnoses, morbidity rates and other outcomes. Last but not least we are joined by Judge Carlyn Addison, who has become a frequent flyer on the show, to shed some light on the heartbreaking reality of kids in foster care. 



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