We Build w/ Dominium’s Shaun Reinhardt and Jordan Jones

On this episode of We Build: The Podcast, Paul and Lonoia are joined by Shaun Reinhardt, VP & Project Partner, and Jordan Jones, Government Relations Associate, of Dominium, a leading national affordable housing developer. With regional offices in Atlanta, Phoenix and Minneapolis, Dominium believes in making a positive difference in the cities and neighborhoods they call home. In this episode, Shaun and Jordan discuss the importance of addressing the affordable housing crisis as well as the foundational values shared between Dominium and H. J. Russell & Company, particularly building with a focus to serve the community. Just one of the exciting projects between Dominium and H. J. Russell & Company includes a $130-million investment of affordable senior independent living and family housing in the Greenbriar community of Atlanta, where the Magic Johnson Theater was located. Listen in and learn more.