We Build w/Dr. George C. Fraser Part ll

On this episode of We Build: The Podcast, Paul is joined for the second time by the inspiring legend of networking and Black wealth building, Dr. George C. Fraser. As a motivational speaker and 6-time best-selling author (Success Runs In Our Race), Dr. Fraser kicks off the new year and Black History Month by looking back and looking forward. From exposing and navigating the challenges with voting rights and the civil rights movement, to sharing his personal recommendations for newfound wealth-building opportunities. He has set his New Year’s resolution to focus on what he believes is the “true struggle” while also sharing a personal story about how one speech he heard early in life impacted his mission to focus on race. His insights and enthusiasm for the advancement of the Black community is riveting. He also shares an exclusive offer for his Power Networking Conference just for We Build listeners. Join us once again to listen to learn at the feet of this community giant.