We Build w/ Stedman Graham, educator, author, businessman, and public speaker

On this episode of We Build: The Podcast, Paul and Lonoia are joined by Stedman Graham. Known by many as being Oprah’s partner, he is clear about himself, who he is, and so much more. As an author of 12 books, he shares what inspired his latest book, “Identity Leadership” and offers words of wisdom for all ages. “It’s not how the world defines you, it’s how you define yourself.” Through his conversation with Lonoia and Paul, he guides the listeners through the thoughtful, self-reflective approach to achieving self-actualization and maximizing one’s potential and being self-empowered. Although he describes many roadblocks that may exist in society and that many put in their own way, he offers a roadmap to navigating them, starting first with one’s own understanding of self and the vision they have for their future. This is a must-listen podcast to those who want to get it together, and those who think they have it all figured out.